From this outstanding location,  you can walk peacefully through this fortified city. If you follow the scenic pathways you will pass the lovely Town Hall, where the local museum of Nieuwpoort is found, you’ll walk  over the citywalls, along the canals and many restored monuments such as the “Arsenaal” and the “Waag”.

From Nieuwpoort you can experience the “Alblasserwaard”(and the Vijfheerenlanden) area at your leisure in the manners that suits you best, whether it be cycling, walking or even by canoe. In this area you will encounter all the things that make the rivercountry so facinating, untouched nature with its richness of flora and fauna, cloudy skies and water, pollard-willows and the windmills, vast fields of grazing livestock, historical farms houses all built next to each other in long rows, quaint villages situates on rivers and dikes, where time seems to have stood still with all the historical sights.

Koetshuis Slot Liesveld

This area is ideal for many different cycling-,hiking-, and canoetrips. There are natureroutes developed, these are routes of 5 to 10 kilometers where alot of attention has been paid to the nature to be seen along the way. There are also many different cycling and hiking routes you can take. When it is really cold in the winter and the canals freeze you can even go ice-skating on the canals right through the “Alblasserwaard” (routes of 25,50 and 70 kilometers). The Windmills in Kinderdijk, these are worldfamous and are even found on the Unesco Worldheritagelist.(